a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: The Stairs From Heck

Monday, May 07, 2012

The Stairs From Heck

SUMMARY: Some uphill practice.
As I noted yesterday, my goal --starting 2 weeks ago--was to go up these stairs at Communications Hill two times, three days a week.

We start here next to these tall, stately Italian cypress. See those teeny tiny Italian Cypress wayyyy at the top of the hill (upper right next to the condos)? That's where the stairs go.

The dogs would like to put in a vote for doing something more sensible, like walking around the block among the pretty townhouses.

It doesn't look so bad from the bottom--just these steps and then you're almost there, right?

But then you get to that landing--and it goes around a corner and up again. But after THAT, you're almost there, right? Just up to that overlook?

Then you get to the overlook and, despite having already done 129 steps, ha ha, guess what--there's more! 93 more, to be exact.

Once you finish, there are nice views, though (there's that overlook below us that had looked like it had to be at the top).

So--let's go back down around the hill and come up again!


  1. Oh man! That must be *quite* the workout. Gorgeous view at the end of it though.

  2. I'm exhausted. And I trashed my leg doing those stairs! Really.

    1. Funny, I googled Communications Hill for information about the hill's history and found this review site about the stairs! Fun and/or scary reading people's comments.

  3. Dawn: But now you're all exercised and fit! Who cares about pain!

    Mutts: These low-angle views of the city hardly look like a city--all those trees going off into the distance, hard to see that there are tightly-packed houses, businesses, streets, and freeways among them-- oh, well, actually there's a ribbon of white going across near the top that's highway 87 with cars whipping by at 65 mph. (Or, at that time of the morning, probably more like 25 mph.)

    1. Huh! Forgot that I had taken the wikipedia photo for highway 87 (in above link). I was looking at it, thinking I'd like to go get a shot like that, when it suddenly struck me that I HAD taken a shot exactly like that! How quickly we forget. That *was* 6 years ago.