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Sunday, May 13, 2012

"A Day" - Life in Our World on May 15

SUMMARY: A global photography project that you, too, can participate in.

If you don't already know about the A Day project, let me encourage you to join. I first read about it in an editorial in Popular Photography.

What is the A Day photo project?

One day.
Millions of perspectives.
Add yours.


If you hadn't noticed, I -- like so many other bloggers -- love taking photos of what's going on around me and what my days are like. This project seems custom-made for us.

On May 15, you take photos of your life, your activities, and the world around you, showing what's important to you, what your life is like, and your surroundings. Then you  post up to 10 of those photos in certain previously defined categories on their web site. These become a lasting database that can be used for research and mutual understanding.

Best to sign up now and read up on the process so you're ready for May 15. (Note--unfortunately, like many new web sites, theirs is buggy--once your profile is filled in, there doesn't seem to be a way to change it; everyone's profile seems to say that they're from sweden even though it displays the correct flag nationality; link to reset your password doesn't actually go to where you can reset your password. Things like that.)

I've already been thinking about what I might want to shoot. I'm sure that dogs will be in at least one of my photos, heh. And probably computers.

Why participate?

They say:
Your participation is vital to this innovative and global undertaking.

Photography is a wonderful tool of communication. Pictures transcend the barriers of language, age, gender and culture. If we are to improve understanding between people, it is important that we share the way we live and who we are.

We hope that you take this unique opportunity to tell stories of daily life. Together we will create a priceless collection of images from around the world, promoting understanding and enhancing research and education.

We are literally creating history on May 15, leaving a powerful message for the future.

And so--

On Tuesday:
Photograph what is close to you.
Share it with the world!

See you --and your life-- on the 15th!

P.S.-- categories!

What are the A Day categories?

They don't seem to have a nice complete text list, so I'm making one for myself here (from this page). Here are the main categories, subcategories, and keywords or descriptions for the subcategories:

  • Home : Photos related to where and how you or others live.
    • Room : Sleeping, Cooking, Hygiene, Living, Studying, Working, Relaxing, Storing
    • Food : Buying, Cooking, Storing, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Shortage
    • My wall : "what do you chose to put on your wall? This is a great document of your personal taste"
    • My view :
    • Treasure : Show us your most loved item in your home! We believe that what we love and what we hate, says a lot about us as persons. But it also tells about our times and local cultures. When this archive becomes an historic reference it will be exciting to see how the value of these objects has changed with time. Maybe todays treasure is tomorrows junk?
    • Junk : Opposite of treasure: Show us the one [in your home that] you dislike most.
    • Housing and Surroundings: House, Shelter, Garden, Road, Street, Neighborhood, Village, City, Countryside
  • Work : Photos related to where and how you or others work.
    • Tools :Industry, Agriculture, Office, Study, Retail, Mechanics, Artistic, Service, Healthcare, Transport, Aquatic, Construction
    • Teams : Industry team, Agriculture team, Office team, Study team, Retail team, Mechanics team, Artistic team, Service team, Healthcare team, Transport team, Aquatic team, Construction team
    • Commute : Train, Car, Tram, Subway, Bus, Bike, Motorbike, Walk, Airplane, Horse
    • My job : "an opportunity to show how you look at what you do for a living"
    • Power : How do you visualize its sense of power over you or over society? What is for you the purpose of work? Work is often our lifeline, and it is seldom photographed on a larger scale. Not easy to picture, but we never said it would be…
    • Purpose: Like power-- What is for you the purpose of work?
    • Unemployment : Job seeking, Exclusion
  • Connections : Photos related to everything that connects us to each other like community, technology, family, energy, faith, cultures, politics and lifestyle.
    • Generations : Immediate family, Extended family, Younger, Older, Birth, Death
    • Community : Friends, Sports, Arts, Social group, Politics, Religion, Online, Educational, Geographical
    • Technology : To connect, To move, To innovate, To improve, To destroy
    • Leisure : Sports, Arts, Outdoors, Music, Relaxing, Games, Dance, Decorating, Travel, Other hobbies
    • Identity : Ethic, Faith, Political, Gender, Causes, Geographical, Trends, Lifestyle
    • Society :
    • Energy : Wind, Water, Sun, Nuclear, Coal, Oil, Gas, Alternative
    • Conflict : War, Protest, Forces, Consequences
    • Care : How can you express the sense of care for others or for larger goals and aspirations?
    • Fear : What do you fear in what surrounds you, now and for the future?
    • Elements and nature : Climate change, Natural disaster, Weather, Waters, Forest, Desert, Mountains, Plains, Urban nature

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