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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"A Day" Photo Candidates

SUMMARY: First pass photos for the global project.

For the global photo project described in this post, I had several things in mind before A Day (today) arrived. I took most of hte shots that I had planned--only ones I didn't were the early morning ones, where I woke up, realized I was completely wiped out, and opted to go back to sleep.

None of them turned out super; they're much more plain documentary than beautiful. I of course had hoped for both, but noooo, not feeling creative enough, I guess.

Now I have to decide which ones--up to 10 of them-- to upload to the aday.org site. I have until the 22nd to do this.

I have a lot of editing to do; I'm just posting the unedited shots here for consideration and comments and so I can look at them easily in one place.

I wanted a selection that shows what my life and surroundings are like and also what the world in general is like around here--e.g., grocery shopping, garbage carts.

Ways for us to spend money foolishly.

Tons of high-quality fruit.

Really? We really need an entire aisle of manufactured breakfast cereal?

"What I have on my wall."

A standard sort of medicine cabinet.

A stadard sort of bedroom plus view.

Boost brings in the paper every morning.

My house.

Trash and recycling day! At least the recycling carts are larger than the garbage carts these days.

Wanted to show how much electronic gear I have hooked up to my computer. Not really thrilled with any of these.

Wanted to show some agility practice. Decided to try for some self-portraits. Used the teeter to try to have something a little dramatic. This won't be the world's best agility photo, but pretty good for using a remote control.

My neighborhood (cul de sac).

San Jose Rep and show tickets, takes 1 and 2:

Passengers boarding the light rail.

Inside the theater--waiting for the seats to fill and the curtain to go up.

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