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Friday, May 04, 2012

Brief Concerned Human Mom Post

SUMMARY: Tika's Leg
We have two days of USDAA agility this weekend; I listed on Monday how I've cut Tika's classes down to only 6 instead of 10.

Three weeks ago, when I had the vet/masseur go over my dogs, she identified that Boost's right rear leg was bothering her and Tika's left rear leg was bothering *her*. I haven't seen any signs of it with Tika.

But just now, in a quiet house, as Tika walked casually around in the kitchen, I heard the click of toenails on the floor like this: click click click drag, click click click drag. Very subtle. Very tiny. Not sure whether someone else would notice it--or whether I'd have noticed it if I were concentrating on something. But it seemed very distinct right now, despite the subtlety, sure caught my attention. I could watch her from here and see that it was her left rear foot.


I started to trim toenails yesterday but the dremel wasn't charged up enough, so I didn't get to her back feet at all. Will take a look this afternoon and see whether the nails are longer on that foot or, conversely, look like they've got more wear from the top side, which could indicate that she's been dragging for a while.

I'll leave us all with that thought and maybe post later if I figure anything out.

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  1. I remember my old sheltie (literally old, she was almost 15) dragging her back legs when her arthritis got worse. Oddly, walking back from the mailbox with Katie (who is 5) last week, early in the morning I heard the same thing you did, a nail dragging...and I think it was her right rear leg. Have no heard it since but it gave me a start. Hope Tika is OK...