a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Catching Up

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Catching Up

SUMMARY: Deaf dog training, knee, Tika feet, Stairs from Heck, agility class, movies, titles, online slang.

Deaf dog training: Ummm, not so much. Busy.

Knee: Has been feeling lovely since going up Black Mountain wednesday night.

Stairs from Heck: Did them Friday morning. They're still there. Still tough. Boy, those thigh muscles burn by the time I'm doing the last 50 or so. Wonder whether the Merle Girls get muscle burn like that? What is that, lactic acid? Ooooohhhh, yeah, here's an interesting Scientific American article about that!

Tika foot dragging: Haven't heard that toenail drag again after that one day last week.

Agility class: Boost and I did great in class Thursday night. Another thing giving me hope. Hoping that it isn't, again, false hope. For a while, TCam's Human Mom and I kept talking about switching dogs in class occasionally to see what it was like. Now that T is on the world team, I'm pretty sure Human Mom won't be in a switching place for a while.

Movies: I go to see a lot of movies. Don't often see movies twice. Just saw Avengers for the second time this morning. One can never get too much of a crew of smart, athletic, hunky, active, super-competent, wise-cracking, good-looking men. Er, I mean, I went for the action and the plot.

Titles: Last month Boost completed her Tournament Master Silver!! How could I miss something cool like that? That's 25 grand prix, Steeplechase, and DAM Team Qs, with at least 5 of each. But can't get dang Jumpers or Super-Qs. As always, go figure.

Online slang: "[headdesk]" means to bang your head on the desk as one might if one does or is the victim of something stupid. Don't say I didn't warn you.

'K, gotta go; off for a 4-mile walk with friends along the Guadalupe River Trail and Gardens and dinner (if all goes to plan) at Gordon Biersch. In 90-degree heat. Yah. Ta!

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  1. Well lots of good news there! Hope your evening is fun too!