a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Training and Climate and Classes Oh My

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Training and Climate and Classes Oh My

SUMMARY: Some notes.
Sunday morning, temperatures were near freezing when I woke up.

Today, midday, I stepped outside--stripped off my usual fleece sweater and opened the sliding door into my office to let the outside air could warm up the inside. Tomorrow it's supposed to be near record-setting highs for this date (low 80s F -- 26+ C).

It was a beautiful out there! Too bad I worked for 12 hours. Still, I took the dogs out to the yard in the very late afternoon. And, just like that, for the first time in months I really felt like doing some agility training. Could I simply have been feeling the cold and the gloom, affecting my interest in working on agility?

I set up weaves in the middle of my lawn--which for some inexplicable reason is lusher and happier than it has been in years, all the bare spots filled in, which NEVER happens; in fact, winter often makes it worse when the dogs are running around on sodden soil and tearing up the grass-- anyway, it's beautiful out there!

We practiced some weave entries at angles out of full-blast tunnels. Everyone needs practice, tsk tsk tsk!

BUT alas and alack! No class last week due to rain. Class this week, but then no class the following two weeks! We are SO not getting our practice in! And we've got the huge annual 4-day USDAA trial coming up in...


...7 days from now I'll have already completed the first day of that trial. I'm not doing all 4 days this year, though; reverting to only thursday through saturday so I don't completely melt into a pathetic pool of exhaustion and ichor.

The last time that I did only 3 days, BOTH dogs qualified for the money round in Steeplechase, but that's always on Sunday, and I didn't stay. Ah, well, will face the same thing this year.

Dogs should enjoy themselves immensely, if it doesn't rain again. (Agility trial a week or two ago at that site had to be cancelled because of extreme rain and wind. And rain rain rain followed by mud may have been what done in my knee a few years back.)

Let's keep hoping for beeeeyutiful spring weather! And maybe this weekend I'll still feel like practicing!


  1. Nothing like a little sunshine to lift your mood. I always have renewed enthusiasm for my outdoor activities when the weather warms up in the spring, especially the bike.

  2. "Especially the bike"?! I'd think it would be "especially the swimming!" I can't imagine that wet suits really help all that much when it's cold out, or even swimming indoors--

    but then I'm not really into swimming, so what do I know? :-)

  3. Sounds like it was lovely! Can't wait for some green grass here! Good luck at the trial!