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Friday, March 25, 2011

Titles Titles Titles

SUMMARY: Just one Q could clean up our lists a lot!
OK, so using my own notation for performance titles for Tika, our current USDAA title list looks like this:

  •  LAA-Silver, ADCH-Silver, PDCH, TCh-Platinum,

If we could get just one more Standard Q, it would look like this:

  •  LAA-Silver, ADCH-Silver, PDCH-Bronze, TCh-Platinum

Ahhh, so clean and neat! Well, 2 weeks to our next two chances for that one Q.

And Boost's CPE titles look like this:

  • CL3,CL4-R/F/S

All she needs is one Colors Q to flip over to this:

  •  CL4

Haven't yet decided when our next CPE will be. Have done only one the last couple of years, but tsk! how untidy to leave that one Colors Q dangling, since we filled in our other missing pieces last weekend.

I love flipping up to a whole new level! Yeah, OK, I'm a title addict.

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  1. Those pesky hanging Qs... Definitely need to tidy that up!