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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Boost Snooker Issues

SUMMARY:Are the problems really what I think the problems are?
Just a little review of our snooker runs for 2010/11 to be sure I'm not focusing on the wrong things.

Here's my snooker code:
a/b/c/d which numbered obstacles we completed in the opening, so for example 7/7/6 means we did 1-7-1-7-1-6; 7/0/1 means we did 1 then 7 then screwed up the next red for 0 pts, then 1 then 0 pts for whatever we did after that 3rd red.
+x-y which obstacles we got through in the closing (e.g., 2 thru 6, 2 thru 3, 2 thru 7)

  •  "1/23/2010","7/0/0+2-7 Knocked two of the 3 red jumps in the opening, got through the closing.
  • "2/13/2010",Off course pretty early.
  • "2/14/2010", got only 1 point, didn't note what went wrong.
  • "4/16/2010","0/7/7/7+2-4, knocked the 1st red in the opening; I fell partway through and was down for a bit and we ran out of time.
  • "4/17/2010","7/7/1+2. Weaves in opening bobbles bobbles bobbles, so didn't get credit for one of them and caused us to run out of time before #3 in closing.
  • "4/18/2010","7/6/6/ Perfect opening! In closing, sent to back side of tunnel and she hesitated before going in for a refusal.
  • "4/24/2010","7/6/5/0+2-6 knocked 4th red in opening, bobbles so ran out of time in closing after getting through #6.
  • "5/1/2010","7/7/0/7+ 2-3. Knocked 3rd red in opening. Took my eyes off her for # 3 tunnel in closing, she turned wrong way then ran past jump #4 for runout.
  • "7/3/2010"," 7/0/7+2-6  Lots of “this jump?”  on 2nd red and then knocked it, more “this jump” on 3rd red, so out of time in closing on #7.
  • "7/4/2010","3 reds. 7/7/6+2-3. Lots of running past jumps in opening; got them but used lots of time;  backjumped #3  in closing when I didn’t get in my front cross
  • "7/17/2010","5/6/7/4+2. Lots of time-wasting “this jump?” in opening, knocked #3 in closing.
  • "7/18/2010","0/7/7+2-5. Knocked 1st red. In closing, couldn't pull her off wrong obstacle when going to #6.
  • "8/28/2010","Bleh, a mess."
  • "8/29/2010","5/6.  Knocked 3rd red and couldn’t recover.
  • "9/6/2010","6/0/6/1+2-7. In opening, knocked 2nd red and #4.  Got all through closing.
  • "9/11/2010","6/5/5/5+0. Beautiful opening, then knocked #2 in closing.
  • "9/12/2010","6/6/1/3+2-7. In op, missed wv entry so didn’t get 7 pts. Otherwise nice (but not enough for Super-Q)
  • "10/9/2010","1/7/1+2-7; In opening, knocked bars on 7 and 5. Got through closing.
  • "11/13/2010", Did whole course well, really nice run, but I did same red 2x so almost all our points were taken away. Figures.
  • "11/14/2010","5/0/7/4+2-3. Bobbles bobbles, knocked bar on #5 in opening, not sure why didn't get to #4 in closing (out of time?).
  • "1/23/2011","4/5/6/2+2-6. Didn’t come on call  so took 2 inst of 6 in opening. In closing, went in wrong weave entry on #7, which would’ve been SQ even with the 2 in the opening.
  • "2/12/2011","5/7/0+2-7. Kn bar 3rd red in opening, otherwise not bad.
  • "2/13/2011","7/7/6/5+2. Mostly nice. Kn bar #3 in closing. 
So--would I say that knocked bars are our biggest problem? Yeah, I'd say so.

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