a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Questions

Friday, March 11, 2011


SUMMARY: Random ponderings.
  1. I just mowed the lawn on Sunday; how can it be over the tops of my shoes again on Thursday morning? Isn't this still, like, winter?
  2. I just swept and washed the kitchen floor on Saturday; how can there possibly be piles of dirt and dog hair and, for crying out loud, a cartload of pieces of grass under everything already by Wednesday? Why don't the dogs have the courtesy to wipe their feet and blow their coats outside? On the lawn?
  3. After two weeks, I finally picked up that broken fraction of an old plastic pot and hauled it over to the back door to be thrown away; why today does Boost decide that it's the greatest playtoy ever invented and ecstatically run off with it to drop it eventually somewhere? On the lawn? Especially when there are already three--count them, three!--Jolly Balls already waiting neglected on the lawn?
  4. Why is Tika sore?
  5. Why does she like to take her empty Leo food dispenser outside and leave it on the lawn? The dining room carpet isn't good enough?
  6. Why, when I'm out in the yard watching, does she poop in the far out-of-the-way mulched corners of the yard, but when I'm not watching, she leaves it for me to step in--on the lawn of course?
  7. Will it please not rain this weekend, when two agility friends and I are planning on taking our SLRs and agility beasts into the off-leash hills for hours of hiking and dog and photo fun? And no lawns in sight? Will Tika please feel better by then?
  8. Why is the rum gone?
  9. Will Mr. Frog find a mate and raise a family and so my pond will be filled with algae forevermore? Will they take care of any possible evil mosquito larvae?
  10. Where's Waldo?
  11. I'm guessing out on the lawn with everything else.
  12. How can I possibly gain 5 lbs in a week? Stupid easter candy. Stupid potlucks.
  13. Can I possibly get back into the swing of getting lots of exercise every day? Working longer hours sucks. Wouldn't it be great if every day I had time to go for a long hike? AND then mow the lawn? If I could get at it with all the stuff lying on it.

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  1. LOL. Hard week, ey? Me too. But I'm too tired to talk about it. Maybe you can just let the yard go natural! LOL And go for a hike! I need to see pretty pictures of stuff! :)