a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: CPE Coming Right Up, Plus Silly Lyrics

Friday, March 18, 2011

CPE Coming Right Up, Plus Silly Lyrics

SUMMARY: The best of K-TMH radio, and what about this weekend?
OK, get that bouncy Eurythmics music going in your head and now sing along!

Dog dreams are made of fleece
Who am I to disagree?
I travel to parks and agility
Every doggie's playing with something
Some of them tug their tug toys
Some of them want to play tug with you
Some of them gnaw on their chew toys
Some of them want to gnaw on you--

Hold that toy up! (movin' on...)
Shake that toy up! (movin' on...)

SOOOO now we'll be off for a weekend of CPE agility. We don't do it much any more. Tika will never earn her C-ATE, I'm afraid, with only one show a year. Boost will never get her C-ATCH. Would be nice to have one championship under her--uh--belt?


Mostly I'm hoping for this weekend to have fun, run some great, fast courses, get some highest/fastest scores of all dogs for the weekend, maybe some blue ribbons.

It's going to be cold and wet, but at least this is a covered arena.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend doing whatever you're going to do.


  1. So glad you are going to have some cpe fun! What's your favourite game? I think mine MIGHT be fullhouse ... though I always like snookers in any venue :) (wildcard/colours - not my favourites that's for sure!)
    Have a blast - I'm already looking forward to the update:)

  2. Yep, Full House is my hands-down (and paws-down) favorite--how many obstacles can you take in 30 seconds? Too! Much! Fun! Plus it doesn't matter if you knock bars (as long as you've planned enough in the course to get the required 3), and you're designing your own course completely, so you can't get a better opportunity in competition to run a course that's perfect for you and your dog. Yeah, Colors, love it when we're fast but with a couple of bar-knocking dogs, that's less fun. :-)

  3. Those are my favorite lyrics yet! I love them!

    At least you are smart enough to be under cover this weekend. I am at Dixon in the rain. Bleah. Not sure yet how dedicated I am to running in the rain. Or, for that matter, how much Vixen cares!

    LOL...word verification is "sucki". Too true!

  4. Agree with Tervpack -- loved that! And yes now it *is* stuck in my head.