a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Santa Teresa Park Hike

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Santa Teresa Park Hike

SUMMARY: Once again, hit our nearby park with a friend and assorted dogs and cameras.
This was supposed to be a day for practicing photo techniques on our dogs, but for an assortment of reasons, it turned into a light hiking and geocaching day. The wind came cold and hard, but it's always fun hiking with a friend and the assorted agility beasties. By the time made it to the top of Coyote Peak, we had worked up enough of a sweat to strip off our windbreakers and tie them around our waists:

And had to have our portraits done at The Usual Spot (note that I've now made that into its own special page that will have a permanent link above):

Saw a few birds within camera range--the egret was really too far away, so he's not shown here.

Wildflowers are already making their appearances:

And so is lots of that other stuff--pretty foliage, though.

Today's companion is another of my avid Geocaching agility friends, and of course she had her geocaching GPS unit, so we went a-huntin':

We quickly found a couple on the way down.

I tried some four-dog portraits with my new point-and-shoot to see how they'd turn out. As is usual when trying to get multiple dogs to be perfect photo subjects simultaneously, most of my shots turned out something like this:

But in one--synchronicity occurred! Herewith: Boost, Tika, Carson, and Steamer. (Look at those Border Collie head-down focused poses--)


  1. That second to the last photo made me laugh out loud..the tongue, the stares, the disinterest, all at the same time!

  2. Nice shots! Looks chilly...brrrr...love those low riding heads :)