a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Poor Mr. Weasel

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Poor Mr. Weasel

SUMMARY: Favorite toy
Tika originally loved Mr. Weasel because it had a totally cool ch-ch-chee weasel noise-making sound when you chewed on it. We went through 2 Mr. Weasels, and the sound maker broke on both, and then they stopped making them. This was at least a couple of years ago.

He has had his noisemaker organ replaced with squeakers a couple of times.

Also, he has a lot of seams, and the seams just come apart even if the dog isn't per se attempting to shred the toy (as Jake was wont to do). Human Mom, even though she has dozens of other newer toys lying in wait in the closet, keeps stitching Mr. Weasel back together.

Maybe it's the shape and the size that appeal to Tika so much. Maybe she just remembers the noisemaker organ fondly. Anyway, we'll keep trying to keep Mr. Weasel employed in a together manner as long as possible. He lives in the closed-off living room, so he can come out and play only on special occasions. (And Boost likes him, too. But Boost likes almost anything obsessively if you play with it with her a few times.)

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