a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Weekend Results with the Devil to Pay

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Results with the Devil to Pay

SUMMARY: Some Qs and good stuff and some  not as good.
I am SO tired. Home at 8:35 p.m., ready for bed, except--must ice my problem knee for a bit first, so here I am blogging. Don't know why this weekend was different. Knee was a little sore but nothing that I noticed more than usual. Ran just fine in the last class of the day, packed up, drove home--which means sitting still in MUTT MVR for two hours.

Now it's so painful that I can barely walk, and it's all swolled up. Hasn't done this since the surgery. Which, interestingly, was four years minus two weeks ago. Did I have a four-year warranty on that knee clean-up, perhaps?

As for the rest of the weekend: Beautiful weather, good friends, laughs. Great sunsets. Enjoyed sleeping in a hotel for a change (the Ellens shared a room).

Boost got her 2nd-ever Jumpers Q Saturday! Big excitement! But apparently that deal I made with that Luci-something guy last week for that success required that Tika crap out all day Saturday.

Sunday was a bit better--I can safely say that I'm now no longer even a little concerned about Tika being in the Top Ten in all four classes.

Took a few photos.

But really too tired to do anything else here tonight. TTFN


  1. W00t for B00st! And no more deals with that Luci-dude!

    Maybe that extra little jog on Friday and the 4 miles of power walking on Friday pre-weakened your knee.

    Perhaps you could put a potential ice pack in your travel kit for future reference. Stop at the Quick-i-Mart for some ice for the pack before the long drive home to take any heat out of your knee? Just a thought. I know how having a hobbly knee sucks, especially when you have a van to unpack, stairs to climb, ...

  2. Yeah, 4 miles is a more than I've typically been doing daily. Although that jog really was short--maybe a couple hundred feet if that. Nothing like I do in class every week. I usually wait to ice until I get home because it's usually just the normal stiffness after a weekend of activity. Not a bad idea to do something like that on the way home, anyway. I actually do carry a couple of gallon ziplocks and an ace bandage specifically for making an ice wrap if needed.