a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Best-Laid Plans

Friday, November 26, 2010

Best-Laid Plans

SUMMARY: So far the schedule has turned out pretty different. Plus walking with the dogs.
Original plans for exercise to make up for all the food versus reality--so far--

Thursday morning: Plan:
3-ish mile stroll with dogs and friend #1. Actual: Friend pulled groin muscle and can barely walk. Sat and talked instead and had homemade pumpkin muffins. (I did restrain myself to 1/2 muffin.) Dogs stayed home.

Friday morning: Plan: 3-4-ish mile strolled with dogs and friend #2. Actual: Friend is having problem in the ribs--could be cancer or medication-related.  Can barely walk or drive, so she stayed home. If you've ever cracked a rib, you probably know what she's feeling. Dogs and I went to a park a little way away that has a tiny hill; they got a ton of frisbee so I got only about a mile and a half of walking what with all the stopping and throwing the frisbee (oh, yeah, and taking photos--see below).

Saturday: Plan: Practice judging and run dogs at fun match. Actual: Forecast is for rain rain rain, so fun match is canceled. TBD what we shall do instead.

Meanwhile, it's been c-c-c-cold; record-setting (or nearly so) lows for the date both yesterday and today. But otherwise beautiful out.

Here's our walkies from this morning.

The park has a huge grassy field that's excellent for dog frisbeeing--this is one side of it. There can be several people with their dogs on different parts of the field and never come close to one another.  It's 9:15 in the morning. Note the frost on the grass in the shade.

Boost would really like me to throw the frisbee. Doesn't seem to mind lying in the frost.
Frost limns grass and leaves so perfectly!
Looking out across the huge grassy field as Tika picks up the frisbee. That little greenish-brown hill on the right, behind the trees, is the hill we'll go up shortly.
In the sun, the frost has melted on this leaf but not yet evaporated.
No matter who gets to the frisbee first, it's almost always Boost who brings it back through the autumn leaves. Tika likes having an auto-ball-return device, aka Boost.
Getting closer to the little hill. It's not very high, but quite steep.
Now we're halfway up the hill. While I follow the path that goes straight up, the dogs explore off to the side under the pine trees.
Looking back down on the school yard next to the park. We do have some autumn color, depending on what trees have been planted. The coastal range is in the far distance.
Wow, good smells among the old dried vegetation, with the winter grasses just starting to come up underneath.
Going down the far side of the hill, Tika likes to lead the way.
Then we turn around and go back up. Now looking down across that huuuuuge green field, which doesn't look quite as big from up here. If you look verrrrry closely (click the photo for a larger version) at the row of nearly identical green trees lining the far side of the park, MUTT MVR is parked behind the 6th trunk from the left.
Gophers or ground squirrels live all through this hill. Tika is looking for them. Can you find Tika? What amazing natural camouflage!
There she is!
Back down to the grassy field for some more frisbee.
Half an hour after we first arrive, these tiny weeds in the shade still sport their delicate frost edging.
Merle Girls On Grass.
Such a Border Collie pose! Staring at the frisbee, willing it to be thrown.
With the inevitably flipped-over ear.
Just some of the crap I picked up along the west side of the park.
Are they tired yet? Can I go home now?


  1. Lucky dogs. Mine got leash walks, a grooming and a pedicure today then got banned to the backyard and ignored while I cleaned the house. What they would have given to have switched places with Tika and Boost.

  2. Ooooh, mine could really use a pedicure. Add it to the To-Do list...

  3. Once again you sent me over to dictionary.com for some learnin'. Is "limns" one of your Prolific words or did you already know that one?

    What a great place to play and hike with the dogs. Enjoyed those photos, especially the leaf with melted frost and the merle girls on the grass.

  4. Cool! Limns is a working part of my regular vocabulary. You know where else it's perfect? When your photo subject is backlit and the sunlight limns the subject perfectly. :-)

    Also, my favorite dictionary site is onelook.com; they search multiple dictionaries for you.