a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Busy! And Cold!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Busy! And Cold!

SUMMARY: What's going on.
Class was canceled tonight due to freezing temperatures. Exposed on the top of the hill like that with a bit of a wind--Brrrr! Very, very glad they canceled. Dogs of course aren't glad, but then they've got super-thick built-in fur coats.

Having 2 months of weekends off doesn't do me much good for getting things done at home when I fill them up with activities! But it should be a fun four-day Thanksgiving weekend, anyway. So far, tentatively:

  • Wednesday evening, get together with a friend from out of town whom I've seen only once in about 20 years (we reconnected on facebook a couple of years ago and so last year we got together, too).
  • Thursday morning, long walk or short hike with a friend of many many years. (With Merle Girls probably.)
  • Thursday afternoon, The Meal with family (not the whole clan, but a goodly portion anyway).
  • Friday morning, usual Friday walkies with Friday Walkies friend and Merle Girls (I assume--haven't confirmed yet).
  • Friday midday, usual weight watchers meeting (this seems like a good week for a visit).
  • Saturday, practice judging at an agility fun match in Hollister, about an hour from here (probably take the dogs, too). This is all on my own time, but I thought it would be a good idea to get some ring time in.
  • Sunday, movie. Maybe movies. Need to see Harry Potter and at least one other this weekend because there are so many I want to see!
So--still open--
  • Thursday evening
  • Friday afternoon & evening
  • Saturday evening (and probably late afternoon). Of course, if it's raining, no fun match, so would be free all day.
  • Sunday after the movie
BUT--fitting in two movies, they'll both take up a good chunk of time, not just early Sunday.

And, dagnabbit, don't I have something committed for Sunday evening? Gah, why am I not writing these things down?


  1. I'm tired just reading the list. My list of things to do this weekend includes cooking dinner for Thursday, taking a nap, going in to work Friday, reading all weekend. Happy Sigh.

    Enjoy your family!