a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Sooooo What's Next?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sooooo What's Next?

SUMMARY: Two-month vacation from agility.
That's it! No more agility until January 23. That's 8 weekends plus four or five holidays (two at Thanksgiving, Christmas, one or two for New Year's, not sure yet). Of course a couple of those are taken up with family fun.

So, what should I be doing with my time? I'm excited! Or overwhelmed. Pick one or both.
  • Walked gently for a mile yesterday and my knee was fine. Would like to do some hiking, with or without the dogs. Take it easy for another week or so, though, to be sure.
  • Trim the back hedge! It's getting to be Sleeping Beauty Castle around here, waiting for the prince of hedge trimmers to break through. Hmm, maybe sleeping for 100 years would be good, too.
  • Work on Boost's runout/refusals/bars/whatever issues.  [Hah. Like I always say I will. Two months! I can put it off for a little whillllllle...]
  • Get the house organized! All those stacks of things that I've accrued in the "get rid of" piles are making things around here look worse, not better.
  • Make sure all my financial notes are in order for tax time.
  • Get up to date on sorting, labeling, posting, & distributing my backlog of photos. [Argh. The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.]
  • Finish the agility ribbon photo project that's currently taking up my entire living room, which is supposed to be the one nice, uncluttered place in the house.
  • Hey, maybe visit with some nonagility friends! I think I still have some around here somewhere. And even family!
  • Go do things that aren't agility and are out of the ordinary. Maybe it's time for that Jelly Belly Factory Tour in Vacaville.
  • (Oh--wait--and lose 20 pounds.  Down 8 so far. Keep the momentum!)
Oh, here's one thing I'll probably do: Go to a fun match the Saturday after Thanksgiving to practice being a judge on the field. Considering that the only time in my life I've actually done so was at the clinic in September.

Oh, which reminds me, the host offered to let me try my hand at a course design if I wanted to. Yikes! A course-design deadline already and I'm not even officially judging yet!  Better get on it pronto!


  1. Ooh! If you decide to go visit the Jelly Belly Factory, I'd love to tag along.

  2. OK! I think I have a couple of others who've expressed interested in the past, too. Maybe will have to haul the seats back into the van.

  3. If you get even half of those "to do" thingys done..well, you'll be a better person than me! :)

    I vote for doing fun and somewhat non agility crazy things...because you can!

  4. It just occurred to me that it's almost time to decorate for the holidays, too!

  5. Well put that at the top of the "to do but still fun!" list!

  6. You could come help us work on our house if it ever stops raining. :)

  7. Tempting. Sometime I'd love to! Probably not before xmas.

  8. If memory serves, Boost (or was it Tika?) would loooooove to help you trim that hedge!

  9. You remember well! It's Boost (photos here; I think I posted a video, too, but not finding it right off the bat).