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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can You Still See Me?

SUMMARY: New glasses after 2 weeks.
[Dang--This was supposed to have posted on the 18th. I just noticed that it never posted. Not sure why. Here it is now (Nov 26 midnight).]
I thought I was obsessive about keeping my glasses from getting scratched after the first pair, then the 2nd pair, became horrifically scratched after something over a year. Now after the 3rd pair, I am working hard on developing an obsessive-compulsive behavior towards having nothing in the known universe, including gluons and other subatomic particles if I can possibly help it, touch the lenses except water or official drying media (e.g., cotton towels, microfiber lens cloth).

I've discovered that the bows stretch out very quickly, so they don't latch behind my ears, so they slide down my nose, so I keep shoving them back. Wasn't aware of how much I had been doing that. I've rebent the bows twice already in two weeks.

Coincidentally, just after I got this pair, Consumer Reports came out with an article on eyeglasses and noted that the material in my glasses scratches "very easily" and that the antiscratch coating (which I dispensed with) helps only marginally.

This morning I carefully washed and dried them. Sure enough, two tiny scratches on the left, one on the right, both about half an inch long. You have to have the right light to see them--they really are minuscule--but even with my obsession, the scratching has already begun on their way to this. Curses.

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