a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Tika Had a Busy 2007

Monday, November 29, 2010

Tika Had a Busy 2007

SUMMARY: Ribbons and awards.

In 2007, Tika participated in 19 trials:
  • 13 USDAA (including the nationals at Scottsdale)
  • 5 CPE
  • 1 ASCA
  • 182 runs, 161 of which were Q-able (e.g., steeplechase round 2 isn't Qable, none of the runs at nationals are Qable)

That includes 92 Qs, consisting of:
  • Colors: 5
  • Full House: 5
  • Gamblers/Jackpot: 14**
  • Grand Prix: 6
  • Jumpers: 15**
  • Pairs Relay: 6
  • Snooker: 10** plus 5 Super-Qs
  • DAM: 3
  • Steeplechase: 1 (!)
  • Standard: 17** (clubs typically offer one Standard/day, but might not offer more than one of other classes)
  • Wildcard: 5
  [**Offered in both CPE and USDAA]

Her Q rates were:
  • ASCA: 60%
  • CPE: 84% (got one Perfect Weekend award--10 out of 10)
  • USDAA: 45%

The placement breakdowns:
  • 1st: 46 (2 in ASCA, 4 in USDAA, the rest in CPE) (OK, for 19 of those, Tika was the only dog competing, but those were also all Qs and in about 15 of them she was the highest-scoring or fastest (or very close to it) of all dogs entered at the trial; she does well at CPE!)
  • 2nd: 9 (2 in CPE, the rest in USDAA)
  • 3rd: 11 (1 in ASCA, 1 in CPE, the rest in USDAA)
  • 4th: 10  (1 in ASCA, the rest in USDAA)
Titles earned: 11, in chronological order:
  • Snooker Master
  • Snooker Champion
  • ADCH
  • Gamblers Champion
  • Standard Champion
  • Snooker Bronze
  • Relay Bronze
  • Jumpers Champion
  • Tournament Master Silver
  • Elite Gamblers Outstanding (ASCA)
  • Standard (Regular) Elite (ASCA)
  • Jumpers Novice (ASCA, hee hee)
  • Standard Bronze
  • Top Turkey at WAG ;-)

OK, what other nerdy details could I possibly extract from the database?

I've been meaning to do these awards photos for many many years. Finally getting a little bit organized about it. 2007 has been pretty much set up in my living room for a couple of months while I tried to figure out how to get good lighting and depth of field. I've given up on getting the perfect photo and moving it is too much effort, so this is what I've got.

Next time, I'll have to set it up somewhere with better lighting options, so will have to get it all done in one day (this time I took my time getting things sorted and arranged).

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  1. WOW! That is something else, having it all out in one place! She rocks!