a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Apologies

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


SUMMARY: Sorry, Apollo and Apollo's handler.
I dissed Apollo in my detailed post about last weekend, and I should not have done so. It was thoughtless of me, and I have been soundly excoriated for it in Apollo's blog and in the responses to it. I apologize for offending and I will try to do better in the future. I've always tried to remain unoffensive, but this stepped over the line and I don't know why I went there.

My response was:

OK, I'm guilty! I overstepped reasonable bounds. I know that Apollo doesn't compete that much in USDAA and yet does well enough that he could be in Top Ten range anyway, so he's no slacker, and I know that, too! I apologize, Apollo, and I note that you also are a way cute dog, and I'm sorry, Channan. I am now multiply chided by multiple people and I apologize to all of you, too.

Update Nov 19: BTW, she accepted my apologies and also apologized for going public instead of just sending me email. So we're all good now.


  1. And I have removed the offending text from the original post.

  2. I've enjoyed your blogs for a long time. Don't beat yourself up...we're only human...and that's okay!! ;-)

  3. BTW, I got an apology in return for taking the disagreement public instead of just sending me email. So we're all happy happy now and I don't have to hide when I see her coming. ;-)