a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Can You See Me *Now*?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Can You See Me *Now*?

SUMMARY: Spectacles spectacle. Plus from K-TMH, only the finest in hijacked lyrics.
Dang glasses. I don't know how they get so scratched. Makes me nuts. I try SO hard to only clean them in the appropriate way, but in between--scratches. My whole world gets to looking a little foggy. (Or is that "doggy"? Hard to tell with all those scratches, eh, Tika?)
But today: New glasses! WoooHOOO!
I'm sure this will prevent me from running into things, leaving my purse in the ice cream shop, not training my dogs enough, avoiding exercise, and slowly going broke. If only I had gotten them 3 days ago, maybe they'd have helped everyone see clearly enough that Prop 21 would've passed, too!

[Bursts into song:]
I can see clearly now, the grain is gone!
I can see agility obstacles in my way!
Gone are the scratched lenses that had me blind,
It's gonna be a bright (bright), bright unblemished day.


  1. You crack me up! I can't believe you even tried to see out of the old glasses! What's prop 21?

  2. Well, new glasses are expensive, sighhhh.

    Our state is in a financial crisis (like everyone else, pretty much) and the state parks are neglected, understaffed, or closed--for a while last year, they were threatening to close almost all of them until there was such a public outcry that they changed their minds. But services? Nada.

    So. Prop 21, in exchange for free day access to all state parks instead of the typical $5-15, it would have aded an $18 annual surcharge to the vehicle license fee. This would not only replace the income from day use fees and some portion of state money currently used, but in fact double the amount of $ available to the parks. I was very sad to see this very sensible proposition go down; Oregon (or is it Wash?) has a fee like this, and they're one of the few states in the country now who has unflaggingly well maintained & staffed parks. Very sad.

  3. My glasses broke the other day for no apparent reason, came apart at the bridge. I super-glued them together, just, so I don't have to use electrical tape and look like the dorky engineer that I am but they could break again at any moment so I have to get new ones and yes they are expensive as is the eye exam. Insurance used to cover it but not no more.

    Have you tried the scratch proof coating? I usually get that and I don't have problems with scratches. Lenses are probably 4-5 years old too. Stupid frame.

  4. I tried the scratch-proof coating a couple of times, then decided that maybe it was the coating that was getting scratched, so didn't get it the last couple of times. I've seen no difference--glasses get scratched like this.

  5. hmmm...I think Michigan passed something like that that goes into effect in Jan 2011. We pay extra when we register and get to use the parks..but I'm not sure what the fee was or what parks we have access to or how often. Guess I'll find out in January!

  6. I have three pairs of glasses. One pair of really old, ugly wireframe type glasses that come back to shape if you lie down in them, you bend them and they pop right back and they've never broken all the times I've fallen asleep on the couch with them, or got bopped by Gracie's exuberant kisses. Wear them all day everyday except when I leave the house. Keeps the scratches down on the good ones :) Have another pair for running agility, that will actually stay on my face, and another pair for big important high level executive type meetings :), that when the minute I start sweating fall down my face, but I think they look the best on me.

  7. Are we on on the same new-glasses schedule? I had my eye exam last Wednesday (those are the $%^&* hardest tests!!! "Is this one better? How about this one? What about this?" -- argh, they all look the same to me...)

    Can't say I've ever had glasses get quite that scratchy, and I clean them at work every morning using water and brown paper towels. Do you get the anti-scratch coating?

    Neat photos to show your point, btw, and your song had me laughing out loud :D

  8. See my earlier comment about scratch-proofing.

    I was told never to use paper towels, only cotton and preferably the microfiber cotton. I've tried SO hard to never even tough the lenses unless I've rinsed them first. And yet, still it comes to that pretty quickly.

    OK, I've had them almost 5 days now, and no scratches so far.

  9. P.S. You didn't study for your eye exam?! No wonder you got such lousy results! (Everything looking the same.)

  10. I've been needing some new glasses myself. I've been holding out on getting them, though -- I'm kind of afraid of what I'll see when my vision clears up, particularly in the mirror...
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  11. That is the down side, isn't it! Weird to see my mother looking back at me.