a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Went. Maybe good, maybe not.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Went. Maybe good, maybe not.

SUMMARY: Got in 6 runs today--agility, I mean; maybe a couple or 3 other runs--in 3 out of 5 classes.
I decided that things had been stable for almost 4 hours, so I'd get dressed and go, even if it was for only one class. I was ready to get going when a friend returned one of the message I'd left and said that they were just setting up for Snooker, and she was chief gate steward, so they'd figure something out for me. So I told her I should be there in half an hour, threw the Merle Girls into MUTT MVR, and headed out.

My original plan had been to stop at the store on my way by and pick up some imodium, but I scratched that to be able to get there for Snooker, one of my favorite classes. One has to have one's priorities! Plus my assumption was that things would remain stable, or I probably wouldn't have gone. Sipped liquids and nibbled at pretzels and a banana on my way there.

Got there just in time to walk the course with the small dogs (big dogs--my height--had already run, but they reset the poles for me).

Tika had a just lovely Tika Snooker run, perfect 51-point score, fastest time of the only 3 dogs out of all the dogs competing who got 51 points. So a Q and a 1st.

Boost? Well: Did keep up her 1st red, which was nice, but missed the weave entries on the 2nd obstacle--twice--and then crashed into me to get past me to take an off course. No Q, nuthin'. Pfah.

Next up was Wildcard. First up, I overcalled Tika and pulled her off the weave poles and she had to have something to say about that, so a little wasted time, and ended up in merely 2nd place, with a time of something like 20.6 (faster dog 20.4 I think). So Q and 2nd.

Then Boost had a perfect run, including two perfect weave entries, lovely 2o2o contact, two rear crosses without bobbles, and kept all her bars up. For the fastest time (17.something seconds) out of all the dogs competing. Only one other dog came in below 20 seconds. So a Q and 1st.

Last up, my favorite, Full House. Tika first, ran a lovely course although with a couple of very wide turns where I didn't manage her well, so maybe could have squeezed more points out of it. I left before results were posted, so don't know where we ended up in placements. But a Q for sure.

Boost kept all her bars up but missed her weave entries--twice--and at the end ran past a jump and knocked a bar; those don't hurt us, we just didn't get points for any of those. So she'll have a lot fewer points than Tika, although should still be a Q.

Between and among those runs, I discovered that--doh!--*running* is maybe not the best thing for me to be doing when one has--ah--the runs. Walking around and sitting and helping with the scoring, I was fine.

I left as soon as we'd run our last run, didn't stay to help set up for tomorrow. Got the imodium. Left my stuff there; friends said they'd bring it home if I can't make it tomorrow.

My biggest disappointment: There was a tasty-looking birthday cake there, and I didn't dare eat any of it! I must say, though, I felt amazingly perky and light on my feet, all things considered.

The arena looks pretty much the same as I remembered it--hard to say, though, as details are fuzzy. However, instead of muddy muddy MUDDY, everything is dusty dusty DUSTY! Just people and dogs walking by were enough to cover everything in my crating area with a blatant layer of dust.

Compare today's tire to the 1996 tire photo from yesterday's post--in about the same spot in the arena, I think. (Didn't take the old one for reference or I probably could have gotten it exactly lined up.) I don't remember the very convenient actual restroom building last time; I think then it was just port-a-potties. Very grateful for it today!

And that's all for tonight!


  1. Congrats on making it to the trial and getting all those Qs in a short time. And congratulations on the Imodium! You should be good to go for tomorrow.

  2. Wow! Not such a bad day, after all! Hope tomorrow is even better.

  3. Well, I had an english muffin when I got home. Not sure whether that's the culprit, but it seems to have started up again. :-(

  4. Sounds like a productive short day at a trial! Hope that English Muffin is long gone by morning..

  5. I hope you get better soon. Diana