a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: DANG Dew Claws!

Friday, July 02, 2010

DANG Dew Claws!

SUMMARY: Taj MuttHall Mom messed up again.
So, it was Thursday night. I noticed that the dogs' toenails were rather long again. Check the Dremel (for honing off the ends of the toenails) but the battery, as usual, had drained completely between uses. Plugged it in overnight.

So, it was Friday night before an agility trial. Exercising the dogs in the yard. Go up to the deck, grab the dremel to do the toenails. Boost is sitting there waiting, licking licking licking at her paw.

Yes indeed, it's a torn and bloody dew claw again. Waited too long to trim. Even a day too long is apparently too much. Not as badly ripped as last time, so I trimmed off the too-long end as best I could, poor baby dog, and I'm not going to pay $200 again to go to the emergency room to have them cut out and cauterize the broken nail.

And hope for the best. Just what I need, Friday night before a 3-day trial. Ah, me. Ah, Booster.


  1. Turns out that the worst part was trying to trim back the toenail closer to the quick. It was fine this weekend after I did that. Whew!