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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pet Crate Emergency Info

SUMMARY: Vital information in case of an auto accident.
It's nice to assume that, if you are in an accident, things are not going to be too bad and you can take care of your dogs yourself. However, that might not be the case; you could be badly injured or even killed. Assuming that your dogs are still alive, injured or not, it would be so much better if rescuers had all the info they needed to ensure that the dogs are taken care of correctly and that the right people are contacted about them.

I have emergency info attached to both dogs' crates. The outside has a photo and brief message; inside the zippered compartment, there's detailed info about my dogs and contact info.

You can make your own pretty easily--tape it to the crate or laminate it or put it in a protective plastic sleeve-- or you can buy cards from various places.

Buy the ones I have

From pethints.com.

More info on mine added: July 11, 11 a.m. PDT-- They're pricey but well made and definitely eye-catching. They have two zippered pouches: The front one with the basic emergency message and the dog's photo, and the one underneath in which you can put as many documents as you want. It comes with a couple of detailed forms that you can fill out.

I just emailed a request for new forms since (thanks to this article) I realized that my emergency info is out of date. She sent me new forms as Word docs and also said:
"pass on the good news since I have not been able to attend any agility events this year, I have some new spring pouch colors, pink, lime green and baby blue. I can also do special orders with your color choice for the paws on each side. I have about 20-color options. Unfortunately not all of these details are at my website so if anyone has interest they can call or email me.

Peggy Hintz
Owner PetHINTS.com

Buy a card

Here on zazzle, you can upload your dog's photo and your info and purchase cards. I like the message on the front; it's short and to the point (and reproducing here, also for archival purposes):

Make your own; from the SF Bay West Highland White Terrier Club

This article has recommendations on what info to include; I'm repeating it here in case the link every goes away (you know how the internet is):

The following information should be attached to each dog's crate as well as maintained in the glove compartment of your car:

  • A paper copy of your dog's vaccination records, especially rabies.
  • Documentation of your dog's special needs and/or medications.
  • Color photo of your dog and his microchip information.
  • Your vet's phone number and two emergency contacts.

We recommend making a crate tag with the following emergency information:


In the event that I am incapacitated and unable to make my requests known regarding my dogs, please honor the following requests:

Please notify (name) at (telephone numbers) as soon as possible. If he/she can not be reached, contact (name) at (telephone numbers). If he/she cannot be reached, contact (more names and telephones numbers).


If the dogs are not injured, they are to be cared for by one of the above parties or by the nearest reputable boarding kennel and be kept in the best possible manner until arrangements can be made to get them home.

If the dogs are injured, they are to be cared for by the nearest reputable veterinarian. I prefer my veterinarian (name) be contacted at (telephone umber) regarding decisions on the dogs care and treatment.

If the dog is injured BEYOND ALL HOPE of recovery, as attested by a certified veterinarian, they are to be humanely euthanized.

My dogs may be identified by microchip (number).


Your Name (print)
Telephone Number

(Thanks, Mutts, for the idea for this post.)


  1. Thanks, Elf, for the additional info and details! Oh hey I just noticed that one of your tags is black and the other is purple -- the TMH colour coordination goes deep. ;-)

  2. Tealish would've been better than black, but it'll do! ;-)

  3. Good stuff!!! You know how much of a fan we are of car safety :)

    There's also a site called BarkBuckleUp.com, they have emergency cards for your car with a window sticker to alert emergency responders. They are free with the cost of shipping...Here's our post: http://blog.johannthedog.com/2009/10/car-pet-safety-kit.html

    And the site to order: http://barkbuckleup.com/Members/Registration.asp

  4. Thanks, Johann! While googling for examples of what to put in your own emergency paperwork, your squidoo lens came up, but I didn't see what I was looking for there.

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