a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Ol' Sore-Foot Tika

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ol' Sore-Foot Tika

SUMMARY: Right front foot not happy.
Sometime between Monday morning and monday afternoon, Tika's right front foot became sore. That's about all I can tell you about it. I didn't see anything happen. I don't find any specific injuries. It doesn't bother her all the time: For example, she'll run out to the yard, grab her toy, bounce playfully a few times, then yelp and come limping. Twenty minutes later, she'll be blasting full speed across the yard after a squirrel. Couple of hours later, gets excited because I'm getting the leashes out, dances around and around, then suddenly yelps and is limping. Like that.

Last winter, we were out for several weeks for rest because of the little toe on her left front foot. I'm disinclined to spend money on a vet visit unless it gets worse or doesn't go away.

At least, thank goodness, we have no more trials scheduled until the end of August.

So I left her home tonight with the renter while I took Boost to class. Where, of course, her Aframe that fell apart over the weekend was perfect. But also the usual knocking bars, not wanting to come in to me on jumps, not liking rear crosses... so much to work on, so little time!


  1. awww I'm sorry she's gimpy - but I am glad you are mended - congrats on your great results despite your illness.!

  2. Man that's frustrating. Wish dogs could talk. Well. Talk better than they already do, and explain what's up with her foot!

    Boost...well girl, at least your consistent in the dropped bar department. Glad you got your A frame back.

  3. Thanks, all.

    The real *problem* with Boost's Aframe being perfect in class and not all weekend at the trial is that it becomes so much more difficult to fix again. So it becomes like Tika's Aframe: Always perfect in class, always a crapshoot at trials. I really didn't want to go there with Boost, but I was having fun getting speed out of her this weekend-- Silly handler.

  4. Dang feet, I hope you find out what's going on. Notice she had a boot on in the hike photo and wondered. JoJo had that once, would be fine, then all of a sudden strike up gimpy and yelp. After three vets and a demand for an xray, we found out he dislocated his toe, and it didn't affect him unless he turned using the toe playing fetch.