a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Brisk Morning Hike

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brisk Morning Hike

SUMMARY: 1000 feet up and back before 10 a.m. Woot!
This morning I met agility dog Fin and his human mom for a cardio 2-mile hike one way up 1000 feet to Coyote Peak at Santa Teresa County Park.

Thank goodness for the fog to help keep us cool in that workout!

We saw quite a bit of wildlife, got a good workout, paused for photo ops at the top of the hill. I was in the middle of saying, "now we need to take a photo of all of us together," thinking we'd use the camera's timer, and at that moment an angel in white stepped out of the fog bank on the side of the hill, took our pictures, smiled, and vanished again. It was like a miracle.

We had to take our now-traditional photo at the same spot we always take one, to compare and contrast prior visits:

(Compare to December's hike photo and post:)

(And now compare to last August's afternoon hike photo and post:)

It's very funny that Tika and Boost are always on the same sides of me. I never make a conscious decision about that; both dogs walk on both sides of me, so not sure how it's worked out like that every time.

Two hours after we started, we were healthier, sweatier, and back in our vehicles.

For the complete collection of about 20 photos with brief narrative, visit this hike's photo page.

Update: July 31, 10p.m.PDT
Now you can read my hiking companion's blog and see her photos about today here.


  1. Nice hike! Great company, thanks. Your photos are fabulous! I haven't even downloaded mine yet.


  2. I'm so far behind on so many of my photos; I take the opportunity to keep up with the small stuff as quickly as possible, or it becomes hopeless! When your stuff is up, I'll post a link to it.

  3. Great hike - I enjoyed it vicariously. Last year you had to CLIMB OVER A FENCE? LOL I can just see you trying to get Tika up and over it. WOuld have been tough!!

    I'm going over to the hiking partner's blog now to read her version.

    Oh. Almost forgot, I like photo 9 and 18. Now I can't remember what 9 was, but 18 was the three dogs on the bench.

  4. Thanks! Hmm, 9 was "not a trail." Maybe you like the temptation of the forbidden?

  5. Yep, I went back to check...I liked the way the mist and the trees looked, and it looked like a really interesting place to walk.

  6. That was fun! I viewed your smugmug set as well. Sure am glad you didn't run into any tarantulas.... ugh.

  7. Oh, right--you don't like spiders. :-) Tarantulas are better than the small, fast sneaky ones that you can't tell are coming. They're large and obvious and not generally very fast, so you can spot them easily and so admire them comfortably from as far away as suits you. (At least the CA ones, which also aren't particularly venomous.)