Friday, February 13, 2009

Sense of Forboding -- Can We Hurry On Into March Please?

SUMMARY: This certain month has some bad juju.

I am not a superstitious person. Really. But still I'm looking at the dates and feeling uncomfortable.

* Feb 8, 2009: Van run into.
* Feb 26, 2007: Jake put to sleep after violent seizures in the night.
* Feb 28, 2008: Van run into.
* Mar 8, 2003: Remington put to sleep after violent seizures in the night.

I'm sure there must have been other bad things in my life at other times, but these are particularly standing out at the moment.

I'm sure I'll be better after I get a little sugar into my system.

Glad I could add a little cheer to your day.


  1. Wait. Doesn't Rem's (and Sparky's) event(s) indict March? (And then there's *my* whole thang.) Maybe we should indict the latter half of winter. I can certainly sign up for that!

  2. Well, yeah, Rem and Sparky and friend's dog Tanith all succumbed to their cancer within a couple of weeks of each other. But if I started adding everybody's tragedies, I'd be truly doomed! Guess I'd better dump this forebodingness.

  3. Plus apparently I can't spell "foreboding." Huh.