a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Busy Weekend Again Even Without Agility

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Busy Weekend Again Even Without Agility

SUMMARY: Friday and Saturday, dog playtime, then photo expedition.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Last night I took the dogs up to Palo Alto and we had dinner with friends to celebrate their Bump's 10th birthday, right after he finished his LAA-platinum. What a guy. Boost and the 9-month-old Border Collie, Dig, played as if they had never been allowed to play before in their entire pathetic lives. They wrestled all over each other, the floor, our legs, the chairs... Tika mostly hung out and looked for food scraps.

Dig, being an actual puppy still, eventually tired Boost out enough that my girl WANTED to sit on my lap for about 10 minutes! Usually I have to insist that she come up and then kind of hold her there while I stroke her a bit before letting her go. This time, she was plenty happy to sit there and lean her chin on my shoulder. Very sweet. They did go back at it eventually. Not that it apparently REALLY tired either of them out completely.

Today, I picked up a friend at the airport and dropped her off at her mom's. Then I went driving and photographing nature with another friend. We thought we were going on a wildflower hike but it turned out slightly differently. See photos with notes here. (Addition Sunday Feb 15: View the friend's take on the trip.)

Then I shuttled a friend around whose car is in the shop (see post from last weekend--), then finally got to work sorting through and editing today's photos. I'm wiped out, and I hardly took a step all day. And dogs were completely neglected.

Tomorrow it's a movie with another friend and then holiday/birthday celebrations with my secondary family. No wonder I never get anything done even when I'm not doing agility!


  1. Beautiful photos!! You must have a great camera :)


  2. Sounds like a really nice couple of days! Loved the "naked tree" photo, and of course the valentine plant photo.

  3. Isn't that I Irish Valentine plant? ;-)

  4. I have a lovely camera. But I like to think that the photographer has something to do with it, too. :-)

    Yes, steph, you are the plant expert and if I had been more ambitious, I'd have jotted down everything that you said that we were photographing, since I carry around a notebook in my camera bag for just that sort of clever activity. And that gets used--um--sometimes?

  5. The Valentines are baby Claytonia perfoliata! Miners' Lettuce and quite edible.