a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Ellen Likes

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ellen Likes

SUMMARY: Who knew?

  • Ellen likes the ocean
  • Ellen likes to keep kissing in closet
  • Ellen Like's To Eat Things Beginning With "P"
  • Ellen Likes The Xbox
  • Ellen likes Sudoku
  • Ellen likes Music
  • Ellen likes to sing
  • Ellen likes dogs
  • Ellen Likes Skits
  • Ellen likes Epcot, but digs Universal even more

The real question is: Who knew how many ways there are for people to come up with clever little exercises for you to spend time doing instead of actually posting something useful. (Like. Ahem. Senses of foreboding. Yes. Useful.) THIS little doozy is another pass-around exercise. Rule is, type "(your name) likes to"--e.g., "Ellen likes to"--into google and then post the first 10 things that come up. In case you were thinking I had been replaced by a simulacrum or triffid or like that. Although oddly enough several of these things were not false.

The other real question is: How many of those were references specifically to Ellen Degeneres? Man, it's rough having a famous shared first name. Therefore, I'll try my infamous alias, "ELF likes to":
  • Elf likes to skateboard
  • Elf Likes My Paladin advice
  • elf likes The Unfinished Swan
  • Elf likes to eat
  • elf likes to tell the cows a fairy tale
  • Elf likes to get up at the crack of dawn
  • Elf likes to bake
  • Elf likes to wait for Santa next to Santa's Milk and Cookies
  • Elf likes to smile, smiling's my favorite
  • Elf Just Likes to Stir Things Up

And, just to round things out, let's try "Taj MuttHall likes to" (or "Taj likes to", since we're on first-name bases here):
  • Taj likes to work with a lot of people and incorporates as much as possible into the experience
  • Taj likes Computers he loves is Mac , Taj like chatting with 3t fans , & Taj likes directing things
  • taj likes to ride the bikes
  • Taj likes Madonna and Pink, and plays guitar
  • Taj likes to workout, running, swimming and doing yoga and kickboxing
  • Taj likes to keep her distance
  • Taj likes surfing the Mentawais islands and his Western Australia surf spots.
  • Taj likes when Tim Floyd has ulcers
  • Taj likes shopping, Maximo Park, spending time with her. friends and chatting on Facebook
  • Taj likes cats

And, since Tika and Boost are hanging on my every typed word here, gaping over my shoulder and wanting to be part of the fun: "Tika likes [to]":

  • Tika likes music, but so far she has never liked the music lessons she's had
  • Tika likes to do anything Sam does and follows him around and does everything he does
  • Tika likes to chase bunnies and birds and investigate all moving things
  • Tika likes to make this expression at me
  • tika likes to get under the futon and growl
  • tika likes nuts
  • Tika likes those things, too
  • Tika likes to do agility training in Southlands with Fast-Track Agility
  • Tika likes snowboards
  • Tika likes furbys

  • Boost likes to do while I am trimming shrubs [from TMH]
  • Boost likes to take a close look and scope out the difficulty rating of an obstacle [from TMH]
  • Boost likes to use lots of ram when compling
  • Boost likes to leave the GUI functionality job to someone else
  • Boost likes to spike to around 18 psi and goes back down fairly quickly
  • Boost likes to do things like this way - but never the less its very inconvenient for those of us who just want to use a small portion of Boost
  • Boost likes to go off the chart
  • Boost likes to stay up
  • Boost likes to creep up in fourth gear
  • Boost likes to bag up the tyres

OK, I think we've completely ground that into the dust now...

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