a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Dogs' Birthday Photos

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dogs' Birthday Photos

SUMMARY: Boost turned 4 on January 31; Tika turned 8 on Feb 14.

Lots of people with rescue dogs celebrate their dogs' "gotcha day"--the day the dog came to live with them. I've always been more traditional and picked an approximate birthday. Boost's birthday I do know for sure; Tika's I picked because it was easy to remember (Valentine's Day) and also my sister's birthday. This, of course, was 4 years before I knew that my next dog's (Boost's) birthday would be my birthday. Keep it all in the family.

I meant to post some early photos of both of them, but didn't; was just reminded by Lola's gotcha day photos. So here are my girls as seen when they first came home.

Tika was a big girl when she came home, but in some photos she looks so scrawny at a year old! Plus that was when, sometimes, both of her ears would tip over nicely. Now that one ear never does, even when I press it into place. (The photos were scanned by the photo processor from my 34 mm film and I think they had it set to some weird setting because all the rolls from that set came back oddly done--but the actual prints look OK. Someday I might try rescanning from the negatives.)

Boost was three months old when she came home with me. She was still darned cute, although already past the roly-poly puppy stage.


  1. love the photo of boost chewing the bars! very cute!

  2. Oh I love that last photo! Did she chew the cage till all her baby toofies dropped off?

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  3. She pulled and bit at it until I let her out, is the real story. And who can resist a 3-month old with such ferocious baby teeth?

  4. The best pics ever!!! Love those little ones :)

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