a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: In Limbo

Thursday, February 26, 2009

In Limbo

SUMMARY: Not much agility training.

It's weird, trying to give Boost a break from doing agility training (meaning seqences or obstacle performance in the yard). Makes me disinclined to practice with Tika, as well. And no classes for a while, since I'm taking a break while working on Boost's possible physical issues.

Just weird.

But my month off from competition ends soon. One more weekend off, then it's two weekends in March of CPE, from which I scratched Boost but left Tika in.

And the premiums are pouring in for USDAA trials coming up. Not sure whether to try to find pairs or team partners for Boost for any of them. If I wait too long, everyone's booked and I have to ask for a draw partner. Which I do sometimes anyway. But it's nice to team with people you know. And because I'm not filling out the entries for Boost, I feel disinclined to fill them out for Tika, either.

Meanwhile, last night we did a brisk 5-or-6-mile hike (2 hours anyway) with the Sierra Club group again, just through the sidewalks around Stanford. Wore shoes that I don't usually wear because I didn't put my light hiking boots back into the van after emptying it while it was at the body shop, and the bottoms of my heels have distinct sore spots this morning. Funny that I can walk a couple of miles in those shoes with no problem, but not 2 to 3 times as much.

Ah, me.

Life is soooooo hard.


  1. Being abruptly cut off from your Agility fix is rough but if it goes on long enough, you start to re-discover things to do with your dogs that you may have forgotten about. And, more importantly, I think, you discover that your dogs don't give a DAM about doing agility, just about having fun with you.

  2. I think I might like being disconnected from agility. But I honestly don't have a good idea about what to do with Boost if I'm not throwing money at something (herding, agility) because long hikes don't cut it (not enough of a job plus no frigging place to go except on leash) and I have only so much patience for tricks and stuff around the house.

    Oh WTH maybe I'll sell this house and move to a cabin up in truckee. I wonder if the real estate crash has affected them so that prices are becoming reasonable?