a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Favorite Dog Lyrics Part 5

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Favorite Dog Lyrics Part 5

SUMMARY: From K-TMH (K-TajMuttHall), only the finest in dog-related music and hijacked lyrics!

Wow, just found this one in K-TMH's email archives, a big hit from November, 1994 when Sheba and Remington were the resident canines! Enjoy as you sing along to this oldie but goldie (and I mean retriever).

49th St. Walk Song

by Sheban and Remfinkle

Hurry up, you move too slow.
We've still got a ways to go
Just walking 'round the neighborhood
Lookin' for shrubs and feelin' hyper.

(Woof-woff-ooff-urf, feelin' hyper.)

Hello, hydrant, what'cha knowin?
Let me sniff, then I'll be goin'.
Ain't ya got no smells for me?
Woof-woff-ooff-urf, feelin' hyper.

I've got twelve bones to put in holes so deep,
I'm rowdy and active, not ready for sleep.
Let the squirrels get down here and play some with me;
Walks, I love you, feelin' hyper.

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