a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: It's Evening And We're Going To Turlock

Friday, February 28, 2003

It's Evening And We're Going To Turlock

Remington's no worse. Can't tell whether he's better. Wagged his tail gently and did a play bow when I got home and again later when we went out to the yard to play dog games. Didn't really want to play, though. Last night he slept well--no gag/coughing, no restlessness or lying in positions indicating discomfort.

Enjoyed his chicken-and-ground-beef dinner. I wouldn't describe it as scarfing, but he was definitely pleased to have it, ate steadily, and landed soundly on Tika when she tried to sneak in to pick up some scraps off the floor next to his bowl.

Vet said I could go out of town and wait for something to happen or I could stay home and wait for something to happen, and the outcome would probably be the same. She said, if Rem enjoys the trips out of town, then do it. I had to think about that. He usually likes to travel, look at cows, be out at the site doing tricks and agility. He won't be doing agility, has been doing tricks but slowly (although he seems to like getting goodies), he might not have the energy at the moment to sit up and look for cows, and I don't know whether there'll be cows at this site, although I suspect not. But I do usually spend more time with the dogs, share my lunch with them, let Rem sit on his (nominally my) chair for long periods, which is an especially good thing, and I'll have time for snuggling, I believe. So. I guess I'll go.

Just made some updates on Rem's cancer FAQ.

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