a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Remington: Cow-Watching Beats Everything Except Maybe Chicken-Like Substance

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Remington: Cow-Watching Beats Everything Except Maybe Chicken-Like Substance

The ranch wherein our agility trial was held conveniently provided a whole bunch of Cows for Remington to watch right up close. He could've touched noses if I'd let him. My concern was that he would choose to touch noses with something other than his nose, as in, for example, his teeth, and seeing as how they weren't at the moment my own Cows, I thought it unwise to experiment.

Lots of people commented on how healthy Rem was looking, and he was. Lots of spring in his step. Scarfed down all the free goodies and people food offered by everyone. When we'd head out to examine the Cow situation again, he'd be so eager & leaning into his leash so hard that you'd never know there was a sick corpuscle in his body. I took him over to one of the practice jumps so we could pretend to be waiting at the start line and then going over a jump--previous user had left it at 26" and, when I simply walked up to it to drop it to 8", Rem simply popped over the thing almost from a stand-still. We did a couple of sit-stays and then a release over the jump, and he was SO alive and fast and healthy looking that it almost hurt, at that moment, not to be able to run him.

His appetite might be getting better. Last night I offered some standard canned dog-food which claimed to be chicken-like chunks with chicken-like gravy-like substance, and he scarfed an entire 22-oz can. Did another can for breakfast. He was so enthused about eating both those times that, this evening, I mixed in a half cup of dry kibble, and he scarfed that, too. So perhaps the appetite thing was a passing discomfort from the adriamycin or from his yucky experience earlier in the week.

One of the vets called and left a message that his chest xrays showed no random fluids in his chest, which is excellent, although there were the appearance of tissue masses that are probably tumorous matter (I rephrased that a bit). We need to call in tomorrow to discuss in more detail what's next.

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