a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Tootling Along

Friday, February 07, 2003

Tootling Along

Rem's doing pretty good. This week, however, I've noticed that he's losing muscle tone or strength. Now that he's frisky and active again, his rear legs are slipping out from under him quite a bit. Happens in the back yard when merely tossing a Box around, happened once in agility class Wed. night. He wanted to play Agility all evening, but after the first slip, he slowed down. Hope it was from caution from all the slippage and not because he'd bruised himself. But he seems happy and perky this morning.

Not to say that he isn't sleeping more than "normal." Yesterday I was gone most of the day, at work & catching up on a little socializing, and when I got him, boy, he was clingy. I sat & watched KSTV (Stupid TV) for a while late in the evening, and he was digging his head and shoulder right into me instead of simply lying next to me or resting his chin on my leg or lap.

Our cancer doc is out of town this week; we haven't had a visit down there since last Wed when he got his adria, so we've had no blood tests, no meds at all of any kind for a while; he finished his antibiotics and he doesn't seem to need the stomach meds at all.

I've taken him off the special canned diet and he's back on the same ol dried kibble that the other beasties continue to chow upon, and he seems perfectly happy with that, too. His stools are firmer than with the canned stuff and he seems to have lost the aromatic gasses that the canned goop induced.

Hope you weren't eating breakfast while checking in!

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