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Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Radom Finchester Dog Notes

This is a day for just jotting things down, mostly for myself.

5.77 yards per second. That was Tika's speed on her jumpers course. In the 2 years I've been tracking my dogs' YPS performance, Jake has managed to exceed that pace only once. I think about that--that's over 17 feet per second, WITH jumps. Someone told me afterwards that she bounce-jumped a couple of times--that's one landing between 2 obstacles, which in this case were probably about 15-16 feet apart. It just astounds me.

Remington's purple furry thang. Remington has always been very particular about *his* spot on the bed. That's at the very foot, at the very opposite side from me. When I brought Jake home, I tried to convince Rem that he had the right to other spots on the bed closer to me, but he'd have none of it, and so Jake got the spot closest to my head. It has been like this for almost 9 years. In very recent months, Rem has been creeping more and more over onto my down comforter, to the point where the last couple of weeks I've been discovering that I have no room for my lower legs because the prime footing area is dog-occupied. I move him back to *his* spot, but it doesn't last.

Some of it might be the warmth or softness, but understand that he's already on flannel sheets on a nice soft pillow-top mattress. But I'll make concessions for poor sick suffering doggies (who know how to milk it for perks). I didn't want to let him have one of my good blankets. I did have this really nice velvety-soft thick fleece piece of purple fabric, about 6' x10', that I had used as a curtain in the Horrid Rental. It was a very nice piece of fabric that I've been saving for something special. I also haven't touched it in 15 months. And I guess Remington qualifies as "something special." So I spread the purple thang on his corner of the bed, kinda pushed the edges in so they're all crumpled up around the area in which he sleeps. It's nowhere near as fluffy as a comforter, and probably only a little fluffier than flannel sheets.

That was a week ago, and he's been perfectly happy to stay in his own corner now, even though the purple thang has since flattened out and the sides have fallen down--he has his own special thang, and that's what he needed. Never mind all the thousands of little white Remmie hairs thta are now permanently embedded in this lovely hunk of fleece--

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