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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Home and Hanging In There

Just picked Rem up. Waiting to hear what his blood count was; doctor was in giving bad news to some other clients and I just wanted to come home. When I arrived to get him, there was a pitched battle over who got to go get him from the back. (Well, OK, one person preempted the first person--) He's so popular there. He doesn't bark or make a fuss, walks nicely on leash, doesn't need a muzzle or other restraint for pretty much anything, does lots of tricks (although this time they just gave him lots of puppy junk food sans tricks). She said they had taken him on a walk through the lunchroom so he could see what everyone was having for lunch (not to say that anybody SHARED anything with him--) and they'd been out for a nice potty walk in the sun and everyone gave him lots of pats.

He's much happier and livelier, although the vet tech guessed that he'll probably want a good long snooze tonight. Me, too.

We'll go back at 9 tomorrow morning for a follow-up blood test to see whether he's still bleeding or has stabilized. Y'all know what I'm hoping for. They want to do another blood test on Friday along with repeat chest xrays to see whether all that fluid in his chest has been resorbed.

Jake was a little annoyed to see him come home, I think. He stalked around, grumbling and growling and whining. Of course maybe that's his way of telling Remington he loved him and missed him. Sure.

AND I'm hoping it doesn't rain again tomorrow; we all missed agility last week due to rain and I always hate missing multiple weeks in a row, especially with Tika.

I sent email to all the trial secretaries for the upcoming Feb/March trials for which we're already entered, pulling Remington entirely. Even if we're lucky and he starts to feel better, I think I'll get more mileage out of just taking him for walks around the trial grounds instead of running him on a course. I don't know how he'll react. He likes walks but he also knows the routine and doesn't like it when we don't follow it. But that's it. Just like that he's retired.

And not sure what I'll do with agility classes. He is SO unhappy to be left in the car while I run Jake. Um. I think that's a problem I'd rather deal with than the looming alternative.

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