a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Squirrelhund Is Back On The Job

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Squirrelhund Is Back On The Job

Yesterday Rem spent a while sitting under the plum tree and monitoring a branch that might be thinking about having a squirrel on it. He likes being out in the yard, but any more it's only when I'm out there, and I don't think I spend as much time puttering around as I used to at the old place.

Went to agility class last night and he wasn't happy about staying in the car while I ran Jake. I came over to the car every 10 minutes or so and asked him to do tricks, which he did as if he could barely move there in the front seat (as in "I can lift my paw only 2 inches, slowly, in a pretense of shaking hands, I'm soooo neglected"), and took the doggie junk food I offered him sooooo slowly and tentatively. Near the end of class, I put Jake away and brought Rem out just to wander around, hang out, do tricks out on the lawn. He perked way up, did tricks with enthusiasm, grabbed junk food wolfishly. So perky that it was hard not to simply spin around and have him go over a couple of jumps. But he seemed happy enough just being out, sniffing the lawn, standing on his usual chair and checking for perimeter cats.

When I gave him dinner after we got home--mix of canned yuck and kibble--he again mostly glared at Jake and Tika. Finally reluctantly ate a few mouthfuls of the yuck (well, HE seemed to have thought it was the most wonderful thing in the world for a while) but spit out the rude bits of kibble that stuck to it.

I don't understand it--he ate all the liver treats I gave him with gusto, and all the liver/oatmeal cookies that Gail gave him, and all the pizza crusts-- Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin' about him getting so much good stuff from so many people that mere canned yuck doesn't cut it any more? I *refuse* to start cooking him chicken and rice every night unless he really needs it. I don't even cook for myself!

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