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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

High Tech Cleverness Wins the Day

SUMMARY: Finding FitBit.

(oops forgot to post this. Posting on May 2, backdated for correct date.)

Monday morning:
Thought that I'd lost my FitBit; disappeared sometime while I was doing errands and things Sunday afternoon, but didn't notice that I wasn't wearing it until late in the afternoon after I'd been doing yardwork. Couldn't find it anywhere. It just occurred to me, almost a day later: If it's within 50 feet of my computer, it would be automatically syncing. And, sure enough, it last synched about 8 minutes ago. And the last activity was actually not long before I discovered that it was missing. Means it is SOMEwhere here. That doesn't preclude being in the house, car, or yard, but at least it's not in, say, the Home Depot parking lot.

Tuesday evening:
I looked everywhere that I could think of (at least it made me put some things away), and no find-um. I double-checked the auto-sync feature and it says it has to be within 15 feet, not 50! So I actually measured 15 feet in various directions with a tape measure--which still encompassed the whole office, part of the garage and car, part of the yard, the dinette, and parts of the upstairs-- and looked again. STILL no findee. In despair (after an unpleasant day, medically, shall we say I'm hungry but dare not eat), yes in despair I went to google and typed WHERE IS MY FITBIT? Lo and behold, a fitbit page popped up with that title, and one of the suggestions was to set the silent alarm and see whether I could hear its vibrations. Bingo! In a place I hadn't looked because I didn't even remember being there--behind a box of papers next to the file cabinet. Good thing, because the battery was almost gone. Now Mr. Fitbit is cheerfully recharging.

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