a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Clicker training

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Clicker training

SUMMARY: Nose touch and stuff.

OK! One more concentrated evening of practicing, several sets of several repetitions, and he's started pressing his nose to the middle of the clear plastic target fairly reliably--pretty much around the 80% success rate where I can start adding the verbal "touch", I think--he's still a bit wobbly on the idea if I move it too far from him, but I think we're in a good place. (I'll have to think some more about that--he's still deliberate about it rather than excited... maybe I should wait until I can find how to get him excited about it. ... Garden hose reward? Hmmm. Like where the other dogs push hard to get to the target to get the reward.)

Last night he also got to practice lying down and staying in one place while I worked with the other dogs, cuz that's what we do--only one dog works with me and clicker at a time. I had to replace him multiple times, but he actually stayed down for longer and longer durations, getting rewards for it.

He hated it when I was free-shaping Boost, though, when Boost started barking. Freaked him out for some reason, tail down and everything. Will have to pay attention to that, too.

With Boost & Tika, decided to try doing some free shaping to see what they'd do with a cushion, since I tend to do the same things with them. Well, that was challenging--they both stare at me intensely while doing things with their bodies and feet on the cushion, but never lowering their heads or turning their heads away from me. Clearly I need to do more of that sort of stuff again; time was when either of them would quickly get around to grabbing it or nudging it.

Clicker training can be SO much fun and sometimes I just forget that.

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