a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: A Little Hiking

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Little Hiking

SUMMARY: At Santa Teresa Park.

Took Chip on his first hike at Santa Teresa. We haven't been there in far too long. Finally, the rain that came in late March made the hills green and now the grasses and wildflowers are up.


A success--Chip actually sat and waited while I took a couple of photos! Well--had to resit him once. And I did make the shots hurried so that it would be a dog-sit success.

In the first half of the hike, we saw mostly the yellow mustard. On the second half--and I didn't have my flower-shooting camera with me--I spottted Itherial's Spear, Blue Dicks, Fiddlenecks, Blue-Eyed Grass, tons of poppies, some kind of Vetch, and random others. (No photos of any of them, but here's a pretty field.)

I wasn't sure how much hiking Tika could do, but she managed a fairly steady if slowish pace, and we did about two and a half miles, including two long gradual uphills and a couple of steep downhills, in about 90 minutes. A slow pace for a moderate hike, but not bad for the old girl.

Managing three dogs is challenging!  We saw only one other dog jogging by with his human (chip wanted to bark wildly, and I didn't see them in time to quell it in advance), a couple of other joggers, and a dozen bikes or so. Chip wanted to bark at them, too, but I talked him through it and gave him treats for looking at me.

Tika thought it was a good workout but the younger dogs barely even counted it as exercise.  But it was nice to be out and about.


  1. YAY hiking season is nearly here too finally - glad Chip enjoyed himself and very impressed Tika did so well too

    1. Tika's favorite thing is going for walks or hikes, so she's self-motivated to keep going.