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Friday, April 04, 2014

USDAA This Weekend

SUMMARY: Still doing it with Boost

This weekend is a four-day mega-trial in Dixon. I signed us up for only Saturday and Sunday, and only a few classes each day (how different from signing up 2 dogs for every class for 4 days!). I'm hoping that that means that we can leave reasonably early on Sunday rather than coming home in the dark.

I've got Boost entered in Performance (lower heights & speeds) in Gamblers and Grand Prix, where she'll be jumping only 16 inches instead of 22. Still in Championship 22" for Jumpers and Snooker.

Ya know, if I could run faster, she'd do better. I just watched videos from our last competition, and she is NOwhere extending and running full out; she looks hesitant with every stride, checking in with me constantly. She still feels fast to me, but I can so clearly see why she's sometimes not making time even when she's clean these days. Crap.

Well, we'll go and, I hope, have fun, and enjoy what should be nice weather Saturday (although predicted into the 80s on Sunday!) and shmooze and take photos and then come home again.

Borrowed a wire crate for Chip to travel in.

I'd like to try doing an informal measurement on him; I'm starting to think that he might be tall enough to have to jump 26" in Championship, which I really wouldn't want him to do.

I should also have him checked up at the vet and by someone who can evaluate the soundness of his structure. Why I didn't think of that before, I dunno. I was overwhelmed by his cuteness.

Good luck all in whatever you're doing.

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