a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Chip Day 7 - Evening

Friday, April 04, 2014

Chip Day 7 - Evening

SUMMARY: Dog door accomplished; more Leo; Home Alone.

With Chip succeeding at the doggie door this morning, I took the risk and left him unconfined today while I went off for several hours. Came home to three happy dogs at the door.

He's definitely letting himself out as needed; saw him go out on his own to potty this evening. So that takes care of that.

I crunched up a 15-foot tunnel into a straight 4-foot tunnel to see what he'd do. I lined him up in front of it, tossed a toy through, and he ran happily after it all the way through--then suddenly realized that something odd had just happened, turned around, and walked back through, inspecting the whole thing carefully. Soooo we won't have any trouble with tunnels.

Gave the dogs Leos again tonight, and Chip is already doing all the things--pawing it, nudging it, picking it up to dump food out--although I think that he's not quite sure yet that most of the food is coming out of the small end. Photos for fun.

Licking at the X opening in the more difficult end. His preferred starting strategy:

Pawing it to make it roll:

Pressing with paw to make it come upright:

Lifting from the fat end; stuff rolls out the small end:

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