a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Hot May Day

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Hot May Day

SUMMARY: Some dogs like the hose.

Who's all wet?

OK, we done water. Now we do ball? Dat ball right dere?
(Never take photos of your dogs with their faces really close to the lens unless you want them to look all misproportioned. Sorry, Boost!)

Ewwwww, me all wet!


  1. Obviously you don't have any princes or princesses at your place! Katie would NEVER allow herself to get that wet. Except in a downpour on our run back to the house. Accidently.

    1. I wouldn't call Tika a princess exactly--she loves to frolic in the waves at the beach--but she really thinks that there is no valid earthly reason for hoses to exist and CERTAINLY not for spraying dogs with. She'd agree with Katie on that.

  2. Oh man -- that could totally be a video of Walter, who is also a hose freak. Only difference is that Walter directs his bitey game straight at the hose sprayer handle thingie rather than at the water. I have to buy a new hose handle thingie at least once a year because he totally destroys them. Fortunately he hasn't yet destroyed his teeth in the process... yet.

    Anyway, cute video, cute dog!

    1. You'll note that Boost is mostly diving for the handle, too, which I've tried to discourage exactly because I'm worried about her teeth. Sometimes I can get her to divert a little lower by completely covering the handle with my hand and extending my fingers--poor dog is really in a tizzy, wants to grab, doesn't want to get my fingers, and can't succeed at both.