a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Weekend Hopes and Fears

Friday, July 01, 2011

Weekend Hopes and Fears

SUMMARY: Thoughts before signing off for 3 days of USDAA agility.
I haven't been working Tika very much. I hope she's got the stamina for 16 or 17 runs.

On the other hand, after we came home from class last night, and the dogs lay around for a little while, Boost got up limping. Yikes. I stopped her, rubbed her a bit, and she walked away normally. Maybe her leg just fell asleep. One can hope that's all it is.

I actually remembered to charge up the Dremel and trim the dogs' toenails today. Yay me.

Car is packed, camera batteries are charged, oh dang I always forget the clothes until the last minute. Better go do that--

Still don't really know how this danged new videocamera works for downloading so I can erase everything. Maybe I better figure that out right now. I'm supposed to be in bed in the next half hour and still have to shower, too. Ah, well, maybe shower in the morning, instead.

This weekend:
Two each Standard, Gamblers, Snooker, and Jumpers. One Pairs Relay.
Tournaments: Grand Prix. Steeplechase (and Steeplechase Round 2 if we qualify). DAM Team, so five more runs: Team Standard, Gamblers, Snooker, Jumpers, and Relay.

I'm crew chiefing this weekend insead of score tabling. Exhausted me last time I did that. I hope *I* have the stamina for 32-34 runs and keeping the ring staffed! Three days ago, my knee for no apparent reason was so sore that I could barely walk on it. Iced it repeatedly. Kept me up most of the night in pain. Finally slept--when I woke with the new day, it felt fine. At least, as fine as now-a-days normal. Hips haven't been too bad. Keeping fingers crossed (and assuming that won't make my fingers sore).

I've actually been working on Boost's go-on--working on getting her looking ahead at all times and moving forward without always looking at me first. Hoping to fix some of the refusals and runouts. Seems to be working, but boy, she's still whacking those bars down. Trying to be patient.

There is only one title possible this weekend: Boost's Bronze Standard Champion (15 Masters Qs) IF she Qs in both Standards. I don't hold high hopes for that. So I guess I can relax and enjoy the show. From right in the middle of it.

Hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend.


  1. Hope your weekend is going well so far. I get totally exhausted after two days of five runs each day. Can't begin to imagine 30+ runs.

    Sending go-go-go vibes to Boost and healthy, non-limping thoughts to all of you!

    Also wishing you all no fleas -- "fleari" was my code word for this comment!

  2. Hope you're having a great time and some of those bars stay up for Boost!!