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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Plus There Were Dogs

SUMMARY: There were dogs at the CPE trial last weekend, too.
At agility trials, I usually take photos of people, activities, and things, because there are usually plenty of other people taking photos of the dogs in the rings on the agility equipment.

But I got a few dog photos, too; how could I help it with these cuties?

MJ and her husband started their small dog collection with a Pomeranian rescue who came into the vet office where she works with massive injuries. Since then, they've taken in two more Pom rescues and a cute little whatever he is (not shown here).

This Bichon is one of the two Junior Handler dogs at our trial. She was very susceptible to my funny alien buzz-whistle noise and titled her head in several very cute ways.

This American Eskimo I believe came all the way down from Washington state for our trial.

Maddie is another rescue, a border-collie-probably with unusual eyes and coloring (and very beautiful, BTW). Tthis team Qs like crazy on a regular basis. They have a C-ATCH and higher levels of ADCH and just completed their lifetime silver (?) and Maddie is only 7.

This young minpin (Miniature Pinscher) isn't quite competing yet, but his older adopted sister Belle (also minpin) has at least her ADCH-Bronze in USDAA and C-ATCH in USDAA.

This was our other Junior Handler dog for the weekend, a Standard Poodle. She always looked so clean and prim in our really dusty arena.

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