a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Sigh--the follow-up

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sigh--the follow-up

SUMMARY: Comparisons
See, Boost was going to be my premier agility dog. No more rescues, no more dogs starting off in agility as an adult already. Bought her from a breeder with great parents (all of whom I knew already), got her as a puppy, did everything right from the beginning. Right?

Anyway, it's hard not to compare.

In the 6 trials after Tika's 6th birthday, she Qed in 28 of 63 runs, for a 44% Q rate. That was fairly well balanced--

Gamblers: 4
Jumpers: 5
Relay: 4
Snooker: 3 Super-Qs, 2 regular Qs
Standard: 5

Team Gamblers: 2**
Team Snooker: 1**
Team: 2

Steeplechase: 1
Grand Prix: 2

In the 6 trials after Boost's 6th birthday, she Qed 15 out of 72 runs, for a 21% Q rate. And not quite so balanced:

Gamblers: 2
Jumpers: 0
Snooker: 0 Super-Qs, 3 regular Qs
Relay: 4
Standard: 2

Team Gamblers: 1
Team Jumpers: 1
Team: 2

Steeplechase: 0
Grand Prix: 0

**NOTE: This was before individual team events were Qable. But given that she was 2nd or 3rd out of 20 to 40 dogs, I'd say those would safely have been Qs.

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  1. :) I think it's the same with getting rescues...you either get a JoJo or you get a Gracie (the zoomie queen :).