a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: CPE Day 2 of 2

Sunday, July 24, 2011

CPE Day 2 of 2

SUMMARY: Wrap-up, Qs, no Qs, the usual.
OK, what's wrong with this picture?

From a trail chair perspective, I think the day went very well. Other than that little thing that we discovered that we had sent one judge the wrong schedule for Sunday. We were able to accommodate it easily (just one level out of order in one class), but, really, Doh!

Weather cooperated brilliantly for us for July. Thank you, weather deities! Sorry, all you sweltering people in the wrong parts of the continent!

Tika had 8 Qs under her belt (er, well, you know what I mean) when, in the 9th run (Wildcard), she knocked a bar in an odd place--even the judge said that was a very odd place for a dog to knock a bar, and that put an end to our Perfect Weekend ribbon.

So, in the last class of the day, Snooker, instead of playing it safe, I decided to go for a really aggressive three-7 opening (the closing was really simple and fast, but the opening was a true challenge no matter what you did). I couldn't come up with something I liked originally, and when I asked Brenn's/Quik's Human Mom if I could steal her course plan, she let me do so. We tried it with a total of 3 dogs (Tika, Boost, and Quik), and all three blew it approaching the #2 in the closing, all for different reasons. Ha! It was glory or disaster, else why play Snooker?

Earlier, Gamblers was a nontraditional gamble. Tika was a very good girl and racked up 82 points, 3 more than any other dog who ran the course, and had almost 10 seconds left during which we could've done more obstacles if I hadn't been playing it safe trying to get that perfect weekend. So Tika still reigns in the point-accrual class (other than the snooker today).

Boost knocked the bar in the bonus 20-point gamble and ended up with only 68, or she'd have been at 88! She is one fast girly, and that was a nice course to run her on. (And we still Qed because there were 2 gambles.) But she still took 1st of 7 in her height/level.

Remember yesterday how all I needed for Boost's Level 4 title was one dang Colors and I ran it perfectly with tika and then ran the wrong course with boost? You'll never guess what I did today--yep, amazingly dumb handler redux. How is it even possible to run a 9-obstacle course correctly and then, 4 dogs later, run it wrong? TWICE IN ONE WEEKEND? Sheesh.

Tika also Qed in Jumpers with a 2nd place (Archie again), and Q and 2nd in Colors (Brenn this time).

Boost also Qed in Wildcard (and won).

I am, as usual, exhausted. The arena is dusty--EVERYTHING is dust-infused. I took a lot of photos and my camera was always either being used or in its bag, and IT'S dusty. The bag is really really dusty. Maybe tomorrow everything comes out of the car and gets vacuumed or washed, or both.

Meanwhile--NO tucked-in shirts to be seen anywhere...no, wait! Is that tie-dyed one tucked in?!

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