a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Fast Happy Dogs

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fast Happy Dogs

SUMMARY: Some videos from the USDAA trial.
Certain people were encouraging me to post videos of my weave pole training. Well, I took some, and it's pretty bad. Maybe I'll still post it. But meanwhile I decided to try to upload the 3 measly vids I managed to remember to do out of 32 runs last weekend, and since I do this so seldom, that was 2 hours of time (between waiting for upload from my camera & then upload to youtube, and all the figuring out what I needed to do, picking the part of the video to include,and so on--no captions, no music, dunno how you all have time for that sort of nicety!).

Boost Masters Snooker Saturday

This is just the opening--four reds (numbered obstacles are #4 jump, #6 Aframe twice, and #7 weaves), followed by #3 in the closing because my brain was so focused on getting past the offcourse jump before the tunnel that I forgot to do the correct #2 right after the weaves. You'll hear the video person comment on that.

Of course, BEFORE that, she veers off a jump that's RIGHT IN FRONT of her, then pulls off an Aframe that's RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. But she does make her weave entry nicely, and keeps her bars up.

Then you'll see how fast she can bounce-run backwards in front of me. And then go find her leashie on the chair.

Tika Masters (p3) Snooker Saturday

I did one fewer reds with Tika in the opening, so it's just the #6 Aframe twice, #7 weaves, and I *remember* to do the #2 jump with her. However, after the #3 tunnel, I attempt a deep serpentine after the #4 jump and I'm very late, kind of in her way, and she knocks the bar. Stuff like this is why we were #4 in the country last year and this year don't even show up in the Top 25 list. Doh.

You can tell that she's happy and feeling good because she grabs my feet at the end. Funny girl.

Boost Masters Standard Saturday

In which we miss the danged perfectly obvious weave entry, thereby negating an otherwise lovely run. She even gets a sharp rear cross right at the end, which normally would be a refusal.

Of course, she also leaves the teeter without waiting for a release, so I have to "down" her so that I can get a couple of steps ahead so she doesn't bounce-run backwards in front of me and get a refusal or runout on the next obstacle. Otherwise, her contacts were nice.


  1. The video thing goes a lot faster once you know what you're doing. A simple agility run would probably take 5 minutes for me. Handling practices are the worst because there's maybe 40-50 mins. of video to go through. I can blast through a running dogwalk video in about 10 minutes probably to the chagrin of my long suffering blog readers.

  2. Agree with Elayne. Another reason for you to post more vids! :D (just teasing.)

    Very impressive backwards bounce-run. I can't imagine Lucy paying that much attention to me on course when I don't have any food for her.

    Nice to see Tika and her shoe-grabbing finale again! Was the gate person calling for a dog named Aunt Jemima? If so, cute name.

    Love the distance you get with Boostie.

  3. I watched some of the weave video that I took and it looke pretty dull and uninformative, and, yeah, long, unless i sit and chop it up. I guess I'm going to have to, to keep you guys happy. ;-)

    The next dog was Jemimah (no Aunt as far as I know) and in fact she earned a Super-Q on that Snooker run and completed her ADCH! We were THAT CLOSE to an ADCH :-) but nooo, it was another dog. (That's her first agility dog, so pretty exciting.) There's a nice photo of the two of them here.

    Distance with Boost--well, I kind of have to. Lateral it works pretty well, but not when I'm behind her.

  4. Boost looks like she CAN'T WAIT to get started each time! Must be hard to stay ahead of her!

  5. True, and very true! I'm quite proud of her for keeping those sit-stays on those long lead-outs. She's not always perfect, but didn't miss any last weekend.