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Friday, July 22, 2011

CPE Trial This Weekend

SUMMARY: And I'm co-chair.
We are ready to go! Site is prepped, courses are built, all the committee folks have done what they need to do, we've all touched base with each other, I have my list of things to cover in the general briefing...

And the weather should be very nice for July! Not too hot, and it's under cover, and there was a coolish breeze all day today. Hoping it will stay like that all weekend.

I'm so lucky to have an awesome cast--er, committee--everyone pitching in, being creative, remaining smiling and even tempered even when things get a little confusing and it's hard to make decisions or things don't work exactly right.

Have I forgotten anything?

Oh, yeah, paying any attention to my dogs this week at all! They should be good and primed for some fast, fun runs this weekend. Five classes each day, so that's 20 runs for me for the weekend.

IF we've done our jobs right, my co-chair and I should have nothing to do all weekend except maybe chip in doing pole setting and the like. Love it!

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