a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Littermate Rivalry

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Littermate Rivalry

SUMMARY: Top Ten, Sigh.
First, let me tell you this. There are eight different height groups in USDAA in which you can compete: Championship 12", 16", 22", and 26", and Performance 8", 12", 16", and 22". In number of competitors, Ch 22" is by far the largest, followed fairly closely by Perf 16" (which is the same height dogs moved down one jump height).

For example, at this weekend's trial, there are roughly--in order from most populated to least:

Ch 22": 50 dogs (Boost's group)
Pf 16": 23
Ch 26": 14
Pf 22": 9 (Tika's group)
Ch 16": 8
Pf 12:" 5
Pf 8": 4
Ch 12": 2 (Well, that's an interesting switch between Pf and Ch at the lowest heights!)

I can only surmise that the proportions are similar throughout the country. So, to say that Tika won a class locally, that's cool. But to say that Boost won a class (which she has done only once, at the last trial), that is awesome.

To say that Tika is in the Top Ten in two out of four possible categories at the moment, and in the Top 25 in 3 out of four, well, that's awesome.

But to say that Boost's littermate Gina is in the Top 25 in 3 out of five categories--in a group that consists of roughly five times more competitors than Tika's group--well, wow, what can I say, except that that is muy super bien awesome! ...and... what the heck have *I* been doing with my dog so that I can't even get dang Qs most of the time? I'm trying not to play What If games. And actually I'm very excited to see that, halfway through the year, Gina is doing so well. Her Human Dad is a great handler and they've worked hard to overcome bar knocking issues and to create an amazing running dogwalk and Aframe.

Ah, well. I'll just have to take my one moment of glory where Tika is sitting, after half the year, at the top in Jumpers:

22" Height Class (from the USDAA Perf Top Ten Jumpers page)

Points Owner Dog Breed
28  Finch, Ellen Levy Tika All-Breed
22  Zurborg, Laurie Gumbo Catahoula Leopard Dog
21  Keller, Linda Stewart Australian Shepherd
20  Danver, Jean Chaps Australian Shepherd
18  Brooks, Elizabeth Finn Australian Shepherd
18  Scott, Gregory Skye Border Collie
18  Ross, Nancy Spotty Border Collie
18  Mckinney, Colleen Dexter All-Breed
17  Eizember, Joleen Scorch Border Collie
16  Scott, Liz Milo Australian Shepherd
16  Lieberthal, Kelly Reggie Border Collie
15  Hope, Paulena Renee F5 Tornado Border Collie
14  Luckraft, Julie Strider Border Collie
14  Yarchin, Joe Pan Australian Shepherd
13  Plummer, Lauri Jade Border Collie
12  McKnight, Bridget Molly Border Collie
12  Gooding, Kris Summer Labrador Retriever
12  Gregory, James Pilot Golden Retriever
11  Elkins, Laura Keegan Border Collie
11  Heck, Kathleen Runner Golden Retriever
10  Glines, Marjorie Kash Border Collie
10  Clement, Kathy Psyche Border Collie
10  Closson, Margaret Brash Golden Retriever
10  James, Kim Skillett Belgian Malinois
Herman, Jill Oso Australian Shepherd

...AND that she's one of only two nonpurebreds on the list...and we won't mention that we don't even show up at all in the Snooker 25 so far this year.

I know we won't end at #1, so I have to wallow in this while it lasts. Wallow wallow wallow. And, crap, I'm now late for class! C'mon, doggers, let's go!


  1. Congrats to Tika for sitting in the top spot in Jumpers! (And thanks for posting the list, because I know the other All-Breed. Dexter is a local black lab mix who is just awesome. Yay Dexter and Colleen!)

  2. Woo hoo!! So cool to see her name at the very top! I know what you mean though, enjoy it while it lasts eh!

  3. @Amanda: That's cool! Anyone can follow the link (I attached to "USDAA Perf Top Ten Jumpers page") and look at all the different heights & classes to see whether people you know are there.